Copyright (c) 2019 en-us JUNKMARKET Style - Refinerii's posts JUNKMARKET Style - Refinerii's posts Tue, 19 Feb 2019 18:38:41 -0800 JUNKMARKET Style - Refinerii's posts JUNKMARKET Style - Refinerii's posts <![CDATA[Steel Spring Table]]> Thu, 31 Jan 2019 05:30:00 -0800 Steel Spring Table Posted by Refinerii
New dining room table I made today; for the whole story behind it see my blog at . A huge, heavy train spring, with a concrete saw for a top. ]]>
<![CDATA["Tools"]]> Tue, 14 Jul 2015 08:55:00 -0700 Posted by Refinerii
I was given a bucket full of tools & an old jack; & this is what came out of it!! ]]>
<![CDATA[Boise Hyde Park Curb A'Faire Trophy: chicken approved]]> Sat, 08 Nov 2014 09:35:00 -0800 Boise Hyde Park Curb A'Faire Trophy: chicken approved Posted by Refinerii
A trophy created for a new event here in town; all about creative thinking, performance, fun, quirkyness, etc. ]]>
<![CDATA[Idaho Power Junk Trophies]]> Fri, 07 Nov 2014 19:15:00 -0800 Idaho Power Junk Trophies Posted by Refinerii
Trophies made for Idaho Power; they invited me to come dig through their scrap yard & come up with something fun for their company picnic. ]]>
<![CDATA[NASCAR AW 300 Trophy]]> Sun, 03 Feb 2013 05:40:00 -0800 NASCAR AW 300 Trophy Posted by Refinerii
I was commissioned to design & build the trophy for the AW 300 NASCAR Race: had about a week & a half to get it done & shipped :) ]]>
<![CDATA[Centerpieces]]> Wed, 30 Jan 2013 20:29:05 -0800 Centerpieces Posted by Refinerii
2013 Corporate Event (Engineering Firm) that I was asked to coordinate decor & entertainment for. ]]>
<![CDATA[Industrial Trophies made from left-over junk :)]]> Wed, 30 Jan 2013 20:16:30 -0800 Industrial Trophies made from left-over junk :) Posted by Refinerii
Some of the trophies I made this year :) ]]>
<![CDATA[Industrial Junk Decor]]> Sat, 28 Jan 2012 20:59:32 -0800 Industrial Junk Decor Posted by Refinerii
A little glimpse into my apartment makeover: I live in a tiny apartment that is attached to my steel work-shop :) ]]>
<![CDATA[Altoids Tinstallation Project]]> Mon, 23 Jan 2012 22:14:03 -0800 Altoids Tinstallation Project Posted by Refinerii
Altoids tin turned wall hanging; part of a gallery show for the month of January: art created out of tins: Tinstallation. ]]>
<![CDATA[Bearing Bookends]]> Mon, 23 Jan 2012 22:12:08 -0800 Bearing Bookends Posted by Refinerii
Bookends created out of salvaged bearings; each one spins within the other for a cool look/effect :) ]]>
<![CDATA[Harley Junk Sculptures]]> Wed, 30 Nov 2011 20:47:44 -0800 Harley Junk Sculptures Posted by Refinerii
This summer, a friend brought a big box full of Harley motocycle parts to my shop... He asked me to transform them into 2 tabletop sculptures: one for himself & one for a friend. The parts came... ]]>
<![CDATA["Absinthe Wings" Necklace]]> Wed, 30 Nov 2011 20:32:08 -0800 Posted by Refinerii
A one of a kind necklace made from vintage green glass beads, an old brass lipstick tube, a vintage rhinestone charm, & other bits & pieces. Up for auction at the Idaho Botanical Gardens... ]]>
<![CDATA[Copper Wedding Bouquet & Boutineer]]> Tue, 22 Nov 2011 07:07:10 -0800 Copper Wedding Bouquet & Boutineer Posted by Refinerii
Copper Wedding bouquet & matching boutineer: for the bride who really wants something different :) Upcycled copper with a tuquois patina, adorned with hundreds of sparkling cyrstals & glass... ]]>
<![CDATA[Industrial Junk Trophies]]> Sat, 11 Dec 2010 09:18:43 -0800 Industrial Junk Trophies Posted by Refinerii
Every year I make trophies for the Idaho AGC year end awards; each year is a new design---I think these are my fav. so far!!   Made from scrap bearings, gears, nuts, bolts, cable, etc, each... ]]>
<![CDATA[Industrial Romantic Junk Jewelry]]> Mon, 03 May 2010 09:56:22 -0700 Industrial Romantic Junk Jewelry Posted by Refinerii
This is a new line of jewelry I've been working on; made out of bits & pieces of old jewelry, vintage rhinestons, pearls, buttons, etc, & little accents of industrial stuffs like little... ]]>
<![CDATA[Old Letters to Make a New Entry]]> Sun, 18 Apr 2010 09:16:36 -0700 Old Letters to Make a New Entry Posted by Refinerii
I found a ton of old sign letters the other day; I couldnt resist adding a Welcome to the front entry.  I think it adds a nice contemporary touch, to contrast with all the funky metal stuff I... ]]>
<![CDATA[Old Letters & Glitter]]> Tue, 22 Dec 2009 09:53:09 -0800 Old Letters & Glitter Posted by Refinerii
Found these big old sign letters at the scrap yard the other day, & made husband drag them home for me.  They are big; 13 inches tall, and 3 inches deep; I thought they would be the perfect... ]]>
<![CDATA[A new addition to the front yard]]> Sat, 07 Nov 2009 17:33:12 -0800 A new addition to the front yard Posted by Refinerii
A cute sculpture I made a few days ago....   Salvaged steel parts including bearings, bolts, chain, gears, a plow disk, & glass insulators.  I think it's a nice addition to the... ]]>
<![CDATA[Leafy Sail Sculpture]]> Sun, 01 Nov 2009 08:30:00 -0800 Leafy Sail Sculpture Posted by Refinerii
A cute sculpture created this spring; made from some old gears, a big bearing, brass, copper, stainless steel, & a few rivets & nuts & bolts.   The top portion spins freely on the... ]]>
<![CDATA[RE Boutique Sign]]> Thu, 29 Oct 2009 09:09:45 -0700 RE Boutique Sign Posted by Refinerii
A set of signs made for a cute little boutique in downtown Boise--that my cousin just opened this summer.  I used left over copper, re-claimed steel, cable scraps, & other metal... ]]>
<![CDATA[Industrial BirdFeeder]]> Mon, 29 Dec 2008 08:35:00 -0800 Industrial BirdFeeder Posted by Refinerii
I couldn't resist sharing this project; made for my bro-in-law: a funky bird feeder created out of a salvaged aluminum square tube!! It turned out pretty cute, I think: he will get a kick... ]]>
<![CDATA[Another Bird Feeder]]> Mon, 22 Dec 2008 19:15:19 -0800 Another Bird Feeder Posted by Refinerii
A cute bired feeder that the squirels are convinced I made especially for them; they fit perfectly into the little hopper under the roof & help themselves to only the best seeds (and scatter all... ]]>