A day (or three) at the Fair - the Country Living Fair

October 21st, 2010 in blog, hot spots     
shabbychick Kathy Stantz, contributor
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What a great place to rest your gourd...or pumpkin...or even some mail!  I found this huge galvanized mailbox at a little shop in Mansfield...  I had to do a little last minute shopping...its all in the details, right??
JUNKMARKET Styles cozy corner at the Country Living Fair...  Hazel is overseeing her kingdom!
The yellowest, coolest drink cooler ever.  Sue wanted to keep the space nice and neutral...that went out the window with this one - but isnt it fab???
And the table was set...in lovely autumnal JUNKMARKET style!  Springs and doorknobs and a sprinkling of straw!
The chandelier...aka the star of the show!  Check out Sues post for the details - http://www.junkmarketstyle.com/item/28682/a-new-wave-of-junk
This chair has just the right amount of shabby character, and the straw bale with a giant (72) zipper holding things together - super fun-ctional!!
I had to share the before pic of the chair.  I found it at the Springfield Extravaganza - the week before (I was on a mission...from Sue!).  The fabric was worn, but it had great bones...as they say!
And, we had all the Gorilla Glue we would ever need!  The girls had a great display, and were giving out some freebies - everybody loves free!!
Even the DIY Club was represented (this pic is one of our very own contributors projects...Amy of Junkologie).
Sue...signing book, after book, after book...until they all sold out!!  She (we) had a great time meeting everybody!
Sue - a demonstration and a little Junk 101! The place was packed, and it was standing room only!

And, I had to put in my own little bit-o-junk.  Some Scrabble tiles in just the perfect shade of scarlet & gray!
What a great place to rest your gourd...or pumpkin...or even some mail!  I found this huge galvanized mailbox at a little shop in Mansfield...  I had to do a little last minute shopping...its all in the details, right??

What a great place to rest your gourd...or pumpkin...or even some mail!  I found this huge galvanized mailbox at a little shop in Mansfield...  I had to do a little last minute shopping...it's all in the details, right??

I had a great time "assisting" Sue with set up, running around, booksigning, and demonstrations at the Country Living Fair last month.  She's a bundle of energy that reminds you of the Energizer Bunny...  I took so many pictures and didn't know where to start to share...

But, with AAJMS winding down, I thought it would be a good time to share some of the pics from the Gorilla Glue tent and...the space that "junk" built!  And for any members in the Atlanta area - if you can get to the Country Living Fair, you wont' be disappointed.  The quality of vendors is amazing, the food simply wonderful - and the Gorilla Glue tent will be oozing with creativity and some free samples too).  Sue will be there with demonstrations, books, and lots of big junk fun going on... 

Here's information on the Country Living Fair South - http://www.stellashows.com/cgi-bin/texis/scripts/showpromo_info/stellashowdetail.html?idnum=ZJD1463&showabb=clf1010

Enjoy the pics! Happy junking.


P.S.  And, of course I can't do this in one post - I'll be sharing some of my favorite things from the fair next...


Photo Credits:  Sylvia's Vintage Daughter

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Sandyjain writes: Nice Market Posted: 4:05 am on January 28th
kindersitztests writes: Nice market! Posted: 12:18 pm on September 28th
shabbychick writes: Thanks all!

And, yes Jim...they were "display only"...although people were asking about buying pillows, etc...

(Lani, Amy, etc...Wish you all could have been there! It's such a great show.)

Ang - You CAN do it! :)

Sue - Looking forward to our next junk adventure (maybe minus tornado sirens!)

Take care, Kathy

Posted: 12:13 pm on October 27th
suewhitney writes: We had waaaayyyyy too much fun! Thanks for all of your help, Kath! Couldn't have done it without you.

Be Well,
Sue Posted: 5:46 am on October 26th
byabpryor writes: Kathy, this is a great post with marvelous photos to boot. It gives me hope that I will find my market on the northeast coast..... hmmm one day.

I am going to try to make this event next year. I would love to meet you... and of course see Sue again. LOL (Hopefully it's in Ohio again hehehehehe)

. Posted: 7:25 am on October 25th
CottageElements writes: Kathy, wish I could have been there with you gals! Maybe next year? Here's hoping!

Lani Posted: 9:28 pm on October 24th
JunkArchitect writes: So Kathy, are ya telling me they weren't even for sale, that they were part of a display, because if you are I feel much better. I get this wicked adrenaline rush when I see a piece that immediately inspires me with a repurposing idea. If you come across something that looks like "Junk Architect JUNK", let me know...especilaly if it's cheap.


Posted: 7:15 pm on October 24th
shabbychick writes: Kenda - Great to "see" ya and thanks for your comments! It's just one busy thing after another...two shows in the next couple months - but, you're right - it's a good thing!

Hi Jim! That mailbox and drink cooler are pretty darned cool - unfortunately they went to Atlanta with the display... But, there's always junk to be found, right?? I've come across a few things that I thought were right up your alley - guess I should let you know next time, huh?? :)

Have a great week!

Kathy Posted: 12:19 pm on October 24th
RustyDiva writes: Awesome display in that galvanized mailbox. I've missed ya girlie! I know everyone is busy - and that's a good thing! Looks like a great time and I find myself wistfully wishing I were there once again. My creative spirit is dying to fly but is stuck behind this desk so keep the posts coming so I can live vacariously through you!!!

Kenda Posted: 11:12 am on October 22nd
JunkArchitect writes: We all need a place to rest or gourds and an old galvanized mailbox is as good as any for me. What a great bunch of photos Kathy. I WANT THAT MAILBOX! I also want the yellow drink cooler to turn into a lamp.


Posted: 6:15 pm on October 21st
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